Stuffed Butterfly, Erebidae family.

by Alina Biliakova
Size: 3.9″, one of a kind
Category: Other

Stuffed Butterfly, Erebidae family.

Let me introduce you to Kalinka, modest, shy but such a charming moth !
Kalinka is the moth "red underwing".
The red underwing (Catocala nupta) is a moth of the Erebidae family.

This is a large (80 mm wingspan) nocturnal European species which, like most noctuids, is drably coloured to aid concealment during the day.. (Wikipedia)

Moth Kalinka continues my collection "Mini-world"!

* Kalinka is entirely by hand sewn from vintage fluffy plush and ministop.
* The wings are dense, made of fabric, painted with acrylic paints.
* The eyes of Kalinka is made by me from polymer clay, painted and covered with epoxy .
* The moth Kalinka knows how to sit, lie down and stand with support.
* Tummy of moth is embroidered with beads, on the neck is shabby-tape.
* 6 cotter pins. Kalinka can slightly tilt the head. Antennae arms and legs are reinforced with copper wire.
* Filler-padding polyester, synthetic fluff, rubber granulate.

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