Proshka the hedgehog

Автор: Alina Biliakova
Размер: 3.9″, единственный экземпляр
Категория: Другие

Proshka the hedgehog

It's Proshka ,the little hedgehog. He loves to walk in the autumn forest, play hide and seek among the fallen leaves.. In the autumn, already cold, and so the Proshka got dressed in long and warm scarf. Proshka likes to drink tea from currant berries and wild raspberries, together with chocolate chip cookies or pumpkin pie. Only have them in the forest this much rare. Or maybe you want to take it and treat autumn sweets? Proshka so dreams about a new home!))
* Hadgehog is sewn totally by hand from flock fabric, faux fur and plush.
* eyes made from glass and polymer clay.
* scarf knitted by me from cotton yarn.
* Proshka knows how to sit and stand with support.
* 6 cotter pins. Hadgehog can slightly tilt the head. Arms and legs are reinforced with copper wire.
* filler is padding polyester, synthetic fluff, rubber granulate.
* the growth of this kid is 9,5 cm standing

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